Samsung will release a retro folding design Galaxy Folder 2

Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 - Black color

Samsung will release Galaxy Folder 2, a retro folding design with a 96.6mm large screen display.  It comes with a social network app key that allows easy access to frequently used social media applications. It can be used as a shortcut for applications such as Kakao talk, band, etc. that users most often use.  In addition, Galaxy Folder 2 comes with 2GB RAM, 1.4GHz quad-core, 1,950mAh removable battery mounted. It supports Android 6.0, supports Micro SD slot and can expand capacity up to 256GB. Galaxy Folder 2 will be released as two models of LTE and 3G models, and the price is 297,000 won ($258.61) It will come in two colors: black and burgundy.
Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 - Burgundy color