LG vacuum cleaner for beddings

LG has released a special vacuum cleaner that will remove nasty removes mites and fine dust in bedding. This bedding-only cleaner features a soft 'spinning brush' that hit the floor 4,000 times a minute.

The vibrating punch effectively removes fine dust and mites in the bedding, and the rotating brush smoothly wipes hair that does not fall easily.  The suction force is twice as strong as that of the equivalent, effectively removing fine dust and mites collected by vibration and brush.

It comes with HEPA filter mounted on the front and rear sides of the cleaner body to reduce the amount of fine dust.  It is equipped with a function which automatically switches to power standby mode even if the knob is placed for a while during cleaning, thereby enhancing efficiency and stability of electricity use.

It weighs 1.9 kg lighter than ordinary laptops, and has a daily conversation level of 62 decibels.