LG Air Washer - Air purification, humidification, disinfection

LG Air Washer
LG Air Washer

LG  has launched the 'Healthcare Air Washer 3 in 1 (Air purification, humidification, disinfection function once) (Model: LA-U110DW) that adds humidification and sterilization functions to the air cleaning function.

● Four-stage filter system "Air purification"
● By eliminating the cause of allergy to air filtering function '

Nano Plasma Ion (NPI), which decomposes and removes airborne viruses, bacteria and fungi, was applied.

It locates bacteria floating in the air washer, as well as floating bacteria in every corner of the house, and strongly disinfects up to 99%.  In addition, the Smart Lighting function, which detects minute dust, dirt, and smell in the air and displays the degree of contamination by light, can be checked at a glance.