Samsung S860 8.1-Megapixel Digital Camera – Pink

Samsung S860 8.1-Megapixel Digital Camera – Pink

Take better portraits: If you enjoy taking portraits, you’ll love the Samsung S860 digital camera. Face tracking automatically adjusts focus and brightness to perfectly capture your subject. And the smart self-portrait feature lets you know when your face is in the center of the picture.

8.1 megapixels: This camera captures photo-quality, 300dpi images up to 8.2” x 10.9”, and good-quality 200dpi images up to 12.2” x 16.3”. That’s plenty of sharp resolution to capture the finest details, crop creatively and produce beautiful enlargements.

Zoom: The 3x optical zoom lens brings you closer to the action— without sacrificing resolution. The 3x digital zoom picks up where optical zoom leaves off, stretching pixels to make the image look bigger.

2.4" LCD display: This display features enhanced contrast and color reproduction, as well as a large size that makes it easy to adjust settings, compose shots and share images.

Digital image stabilizer (DIS): This DIS system bumps up the camera’s sensitivity to light (ISO speed), helping you to shoot in low-light conditions. You’ll be able to use faster shutter speeds—useful if you plan to take fast action shots. You can even take pictures in low light without using a flash, which guarantees brighter and more natural pictures.

Face tracking: This camera identifies faces in a frame, and then adjusts focus and exposure settings to ensure that you take beautiful portraits of your subjects.

Self portrait feature: No more off-center self-portraits! Using face detection technology, this camera will detect your face and use sound to let you know when it’s in the center of the image.

Built-in help features: This helpful camera describes functions, modes, icons and other features in easy to understand terms. There’s even a guided tour of how to take better images—easy-to-follow tips help you obtain excellent results.

Scene modes: Choose your mode, and this camera automatically adjusts settings such as shutter speed, flash and focus to adapt to the scene conditions. This camera features 11 modes, including children, landscape, close-up and more.

Movie mode: When a snapshot just isn't enough, you can record VGA-quality MJPEG movies, with audio, at a smooth 30 frames per second.

Memory: This digital camera comes with 11MB of internal memory. Get the most out of your camera by adding a 512MB or larger MultiMediaCard or SD/SDHC memory card.