LG BH200 Super-Blu Blu-Ray and HD DVD Player

LG BH200 Super-Blu Blu-Ray and HD DVD Player

Blu-ray and HD DVD playback: The BH200 plays both Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD high-definition disc formats with more than twice the resolution of a normal DVD.

Full 1080p output: The BH200 delivers a full 1080p output. That’s an image resolution up to five times sharper than a normal DVD. You also get a wide compatibility with full HD 1080p TVs to give your films the theatrical feel they deserve.

DVD upscaling: Your standard DVDs will be brought up to a 1080p resolution via DVD upscaling, matching the resolution of your HD TV. Basically, your DVDs programmed to be viewed on a normal television set will be polished up for a cleaner and crisper picture.

HDMI 1.3 connection: With improved color tones, your DVDs achieve finer color gradations and deliver smoother and more brilliant video output. In short, you’ll get color that pops off your screen in a beautiful light.

Simplink remote control: The LG Simplink remote control lets you control all of your LG components through the use of one universal LG remote. You won’t have to juggle several remotes again.

Dolby Digital: You’ll get Dolby Digital Plus, True HD, and DTS sound decoding with the BH200, letting you get as blown away with your DVD’s sound as you are with the picture.Dolby Digital Plus gives you 7.1 surround sound with a proper home entertainment system, with the source dedicating a channel to one of the 7.1 speakers. While Dolby TrueHD is also a 7.1 decoding system, it is closer to HD quality and the sound equivalent of an HD image.

Upconverts standard DVDs: You can also watch your traditional, standard format DVDs on this player...but in an upconverted high-definition form of 1080p.