Samsung SC-DX103 DVD Camcorder

Samsung SC-DX103 DVD Camcorder

DVD recording: Enjoy the convenience of recording onto this popular format with the Samsung SC-DX103 DVD Camcorder. Quickly and easily enjoy video on DVD players, without fear of accidentally taping over video. And review movies quickly and easily, without waiting for tape rewinding or fast forwarding. DVD is right for you if you usually take shorter videos, generally don't edit them, and like the appeal of being able to pop the DVD out of your camcorder and watch right away. DVD camcorders can't record as long as MiniDV, but you can always pop another inexpensive disk in when the first fills up.

34x optical zoom: The 34x optical zoom brings you close to faraway action. The 1200x digital zoom picks up where optical zoom leaves off, stretching pixels to make the image look even bigger.

2.7” LCD screen: The 2.7” wide (16:9) LCD screen provides excellent viewing clarity with improved resolution. The 112K pixels LCD screen rotates up to 270 degrees for multiple viewing angles providing sharp, detailed images for monitoring or playback, and the widescreen format makes shooting in 16:9 mode and composing shots even easier.

Standard-definition recording: Capture your surroundings in 480-line definition and the standard 4:3 screen format. You’ll be able to enjoy your movies without letterboxing on a regular, non-widescreen TV.

Voice Plus: You can add your voice to the movie image by connecting the DVD camcorder to a TV.

View images on your PC: With DV Media PRO, you can view the recorded images on a PC and use PC cam function by connecting the DVD camcorder to a PC.