Samsung SC-D382 Mini DV Digital Camcorder

Samsung SC-D382 Mini DV Digital Camcorder


MiniDV: The Samsung SC-D382 Mini DV Digital Camcorder records high-quality digital video on mini tapes, allowing for an exceptionally compact camcorder body. Sound and picture quality are comparable to DVD. Mini DV tapes are also small, so this camcorder is also small and easy to carry.

2.7” LCD screen: The high-resolution color TFT LCD gives you clean, sharp images as well as the ability to review your recordings immediately.

34x optical zoom: The 34x optical zoom brings you close to faraway action. The 1200x digital zoom picks up where optical zoom leaves off, stretching pixels to make the image look even bigger.

Digital image stabilizer: This camcorder digitally compensates for distracting camera shake, distinguishing between unintentional and deliberate movement. You’ll enjoy the enhanced video.

Standard-definition recording: Capture your surroundings in 480-line definition and the standard 4:3 screen format. You’ll be able to enjoy your movies without letterboxing on a regular, non-widescreen TV.

Remote control: A wireless remote control lets you operate your SC-D382 from a distance, so you won't be left out of the picture.